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  • What is the role of a PR firm in healthcare communications?

    Posted by Ronn / on 08/28/2014 / 0 Comments

    Healthcare industry is growing at a rapid pace and for every organization, it is mandatory to have a voice and presence in the market. Any negative information about your business or products can travel very fast and becomes pain in the head in no time. Well, one of the crucial steps that a healthcare company can initiate is to make an investment in public relations partner. Public relations can be defined as a strategic communication process that develops long-term positive relationships between a company and its public.

    Role of a public relations firm in healthcare industry can be describe as ..

  • What ‘X’ factor you can gain for your brand by hiring a PR firm?

    Posted by Ronn / on 08/19/2014 / 0 Comments

    Advertising is the most buzzword in today's time. With the need to sell products and make the brand worldwide popular, advertising has become an important aspect.

    However, with the increasing changes in marketing industry, advertising trends have also been changed. As it is not possible for an entrepreneur to understand the changing marketing tends, this is where PR Company comes into play. The PR experts are the ones who are expertise with the field and very well understand aspects that will help represent business in front of people in the most effective way.

    Such firms not just bring maximum exposure to ..

  • Do only fashion brands and celebrities need Public Relations?

    Posted by Ronn / on 07/22/2014 / 0 Comments

    PR has always been related to high-end brands and celebrities only, whereas the veracity if the fact that it is widely used by all businesses and individuals who need to be in the right spotlight.

    Other than just celebrities and businesses, it has done wonders for many Government agencies as well. Moreover, there are lots of other exclusivities offered by Public Relations, which makes it so popular. Here are the most prominent ones -

    Communication - PR helps in communicating messages to the public. Any news, updates, or any other information for that matter is presented is effectively communicated to the ..

  • Basic errors to avoid while hiring a PR company

    Posted by Ronn / on 07/01/2014 / 0 Comments


    In this overwhelming competitive world, it has become important to be top in the league of competition. This is not just simple possible by delivering of quality products, but by handling of business image in front of audience, which is only possible by some effective advertising methods.

    From the word advertising, here I refer to public relations, which is an effective tool to make your business stand out amongst the others.

    No matter which trade you are in beauty, corporate, travel, food and beverage, fashion and health, PR strategies are effective in handling each businesses brand image.

    However, finding an efficient ..

  • Traits required to manage effective public relations for business

    Posted by Ronn / on 06/12/2014 / 0 Comments

    In this highly competitive world, businesses have to face numerous challenges and downfalls.

    If a company is not good in handling and managing crisis, it is more likely that the company will get closed. However, if they know how to deal with crisis, then nothing can stop them from heading to the road of success.

    However, for this, businesspersons should either himself know the tricks of how to deal with challenges or be good in judging PR crisis firm that would they be able help company to come out from crisis.

    Following are few traits that PR experts need to ..

  • What can a PR company do for your business, which you cannot?

    Posted by Ronn / on 05/29/2014 / 0 Comments

    To be at the top in your game, it is important for you to stay updated and stay in contact with your targeted audience. This is pretty much decides the amount of successes you will achieve in your work endeavors.

    While it may appear as another simple task, it is lot more demanding, which is the exact reason why businesses hire PR Companies for this job. They establish a healthy link between you and your targeted audiences.

    Alongside, they build positive image of your brand among your audience. In context to this, they carry out number of managerial functions. You could ..

  • Social media – reinventing the public relations practices!

    Posted by Ronn / on 02/26/2014 / 0 Comments


    Tried and tested methods of handling public relations, which were relied upon by veteran PR executives till now, are changing rapidly and being replaced by the new ones leaving the old tactics irrelevant. The old methods are no longer reliable and capable of influencing the public and media.

    Web and social media has now placed the power of communication among general public, and every single person concerned with any entity is now capable of forming a strong and authoritative voice, which simply can't be ignored by the PR department of any business.

    The entire landscape of how PR services were offered ..

  • Help yourself by improving your PR Strategies!

    Posted by Ronn / on 02/14/2014 / 0 Comments


    The main point of concern for businesses is how to make world aware of their products and services? There are public relation companies that work on the behalf of business establishments and take up the job of promoting products and services of a company among large audiences.

    Most of the companies think that public relations simply deal with media and make necessary announcements in front of public, but it is not true as these companies do a lot more than making people aware of important news associated with a company.

    Besides this, for some companies, public relations and publicity mean the ..

  • What makes public relations such an indispensable part of businesses, today?

    Posted by Ronn / on 02/05/2014 / 0 Comments


    If a salesperson approaches you to sell something and starts describing its features, and qualities, it is most likely that you would feel irritated. The reason is you already know the motive behind the person selling the product, which is to increase his sales.

    On the other hand, if one of your friends recommends you a particular hair shampoo or a cosmetic product, you would definitely like to check that out. Now observe these two incidences. Although both people are recommending you to check out some product, yet majority of people would like to go for what a friend recommends.

    The ..

  • You own a business and you don’t know about PR? That’s strange!

    Posted by Ronn / on 01/27/2014 / 0 Comments

    Institute of Public Relations, USA, defines public relation as "the deliberate, planned, and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its publics."

    From the definition, it is clear that PR is about making relationship with public and this is only possible by the effective strategies of PR firm.

    What are the functions of public relation?

    • Establishing relationship between organizations and their audience
    • Developing reciprocal understanding between the two groups
    • Establishing goodwill of company
    • To achieve organization objective smoothly
    • To attract and motivate public towards the product and services
    • Enhance the image of firm or ..


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